What Parents Should Know About Snapchat?

parents should know about snapchat spy app

Snapchat is currently the most widely used social media app by kids and teens. It is growing massively in the last few years. Kids are very much fond of using Snapchat because of its glittery and catchy functionalities for kids.

Kids are very much addicted to using the app; a report about Snapchat statistics suggests that

  • around 218 million users remained active over Snapchat in 2020
  • these active users shared three billion snaps a day
  • more than half of the whole user-base generate new content daily over the app
  • average screen time of the users is 49.5 minutes a day, with 34.1 messages a day

The stats devise of the fondness of the kids towards the app, but at the same time, the app poses some serious implications to the life of kids that can cause problems to the parents and family as well. The experts suggest that parents should stay aware of all the activities of their kids over Snapchat so that they can cope with the dangers of using the social media app.

Snapchat Features & Parental Solutions That Parents Need To Know

Snapchat furnishes a number of features that catch kids’ eyes, but at the same time, a few features do not add to the good of the kids at all.

Apart from capturing snaps, VoIP calling, and exchanging messages over chats, there are a few very offensive features that can cause serious damage to the moral and ethical standing and character of the kids and teens.  Let’s discuss them.

Problem: Snapchat Discover feature

The said feature is home to assassinating the moral standing and character of underage users. The feature allows discovering sexually explicit and adult content to the teens, although the age threshold to join Snapchat is 13. Still, this age does not grant the right to explore the type of sensitive content that Snapchat Discover offer.

The feature works by featuring the trendy posts and pictures of top-rated users in the Discover gallery, and we all know that content related to sex always gets attraction. So the Discover gallery is full of such content.

snapchat discover feature


The solution to many of the problems that parents face is using a Snapchat spy app alongside discussing the issues with the child.

Initially, when kid starts using Snapchat, the parent should amicably talk to the kid regarding dangers that the social media app can pose to them; parents can tell them about the implications that the app can pose to their moral, ethical, academic standing.

Besides this, a more comprehensive solution to the problem is using a spy app that can actively track and monitor all the activities performing over Snapchat.

Using a spy app, a parent can take the whole of Snapchat Discover feature, because a fine spy app allows to record screen of the target phone; thus parent will be able to know when the child starts exploring Discover.

In this way, the parent will be able to take necessary measures to protect the child by all means.

Problem: Snap Streaks

Snap streaks actually serve as a measure of friendship among the two Snapchat users. They are initiated when a user remains in contact with another user for straight three days in a row.

A few connections maintain their streaks even for hundreds of days, but here is another side to the story as well. A few kids start connecting to the potential sex predators and offenders unknowingly. The long streak with these users can be harmful so that after knowing the kids’ secrets and privacy, the kid predators can exploit and blackmail them for gaining financial benefits.

They can harass them and ask them for their parents’ financial details, which can come to haunt the family badly in the future.

Moreover, the Steaks can be a trigger for online dating for the kids; the Streaks can involve a connection with which child exchange immoral content or intimidating messages, which can harm the teen’s moral character. So, the parents’ responsibility is to address this type of issues.

snapchat streak


The parent can use a spy app for addressing this very issue. A spy app can extensively and actively monitor each and every bit of communication taking place over social networking, thus allowing the parent to identify if there is any sort of harassment or bullying or cyber predating activity taking place over the child.

In this way, the parent can also identify if there are any clues of online dating by the child, and the parent can take up the matter for necessary action.

Problem: Snap Games

Snap Games is a virtual gaming space over Snapchat that allows sharing voice notes and messages while playing games. A number of games in this game space do not align to the moral standards, as they include sexually explicit emojis and animations, and kids can even comment on them while playing games, so parents need to address them.

snapchat games


The only solution to the problem of Snap Games is to incorporate using a phone spy app to monitor teen’s activities over Snapchat.

The parent can find out the pattern of child activities over Snap Games and know about its preferences; if any below the belt or immoral activity is there, the parent can talk to the child for phasing it out, or the parent can directly block a number of games for the child, which are not aligned with the moral standards.

Problem: Snap Maps

The most compromising feature for the child security of the kid is Snap Map; the feature allows the friends and contacts of the kid to identify the real-time location of the child. This is not good at all for child security.

If there is any criminal in the contacts of the child, then the same can identify the location of the child to execute any criminal activity like kidnapping and much more.

snapchat maps


The very first solution that comes to our mind for addressing the problem is to brief the child about sharing the location with the contacts over Snap Map. The parent needs to tell the child about the dangers and implications of sharing location.

If this does not address the problem, then the parent can use a Snapchat monitoring app. The tracking app allows administrator-level access to the parent over child’s Snapchat.

So, the parent can turn off the location sharing with the contacts of the child and adds to the safety and security of the child.

OgyMogy – The Best Spy App Addressing All the Parents Needs

There are number of spying solutions available that track and monitor Snapchat activities extensively, but the best of them is OgyMogy. As we discussed, a spy app is needed for a number of purposes related to child security using Snapchat.

While managing Discover, Streaks, Games, and Map features of the app, a spy app furnishes state-of-the-art functionality that adds to the security of the child in many ways. The tracking app spies on all the chats, VoIP calls, voice notes, and multimedia as well.


The discussion goes around the features of Snapchat that parents need to know for their child’s security. A number of features are discussed alongside their respective dangers and solutions to these dangers.

In the end, the discussion converges to the point that a spy app serves as the best solution for the parents regarding their child’s security in many ways, and OgyMogy is currently the best spying solution that can catch up with all the related matter.

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