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software that tracks computer activity
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Software that tracks computer activity turns out to be a vital component for maintaining the business progress and to protect the kids from any harm that can cause massive damage to the family interest.

Why Do Employers Need Computer Tracker?

On the other hand, the employer’s concerns are increasing over the loss of productivity of their employees because the productivity issues are considered to be increased due to the excessive internet surfing and online music and video streaming at the workplace.

There is another side to the story as well. As it is reported, a few businesses need to maintain the confidentiality of the business operations, which can only be done by the efficient monitoring of the employees’ activities at and beyond the workplace. Computer tracking software is the only solution that can address the problems of business owners and can track user activity.

If we talk about the recent developments, we can simply converge on the need for using the application that can track the computer activities of the employees. The Covid-19 pandemic breakout has posed a massive change to everything activity and every dynamic of life. The situation has produced and pressed everyone to gear up for the change in lifestyle.

As far as the business operations execution is concerned, it is seen that in the pandemic, all the in-house businesses were almost on hold, and the same situation accounted for almost 90% of the businesses. The businesses and jobs were largely switched to ‘work from home’ mode.

The change in operational execution has pressed for more effective monitoring of the employees, as more distractions come into play while working from home.

Why Do Parents Need a Computer Tracker?

The activity monitor app having the said facility is increasingly sought by the parents and employers for the last few years. The said pattern emerged due to the excessive use of digital networks that drive the kids to use social media and the internet without supervision, which can be harmful for them.

The harms that can be caused by unsupervised internet usage are cyber bullying and harassment of the kids and these two issues are on the rise for some time now.

Salient Features That Computer Tracker Software Should Furnish

An efficient tracking facility should be having a number of features that can address all the purposes of parents and employers of spying on their target users.

A number of services provide a combination of features that are furnished to the end-users, but the best service should have all the below mentioned features in order to fully address the spying needs.

Spying on All the Internal Storage

spying on internal storage

The spy app should track each and everything stored on the target machine. The multimedia and documents should be in the full control of the end-user i.e. the parent and the employer.

If we talk about employer perspective, the pandemic situation has demanded for extensive monitoring of the internal storage and device used by the employee. The feature can be used to know if the employer is addressing all of its professional commitment, to know if the required data and tasks are managed and aligned with the prescribed corporate standards or not.

The added plus to the feature is that it allows tracking the device to know if the device is getting into use for unofficial purposes i.e. music and videos and other unproductive stuff that do not contribute to achieving operational excellence.

For kids, the internal storage of the laptops or computers needs to be monitored because it allows the parents to know about the activities of the child, to know what they are up to. To know what they actually browse during screen time.

So, the feature earns an extensive watch on the activities of the children.

Website Blocking and Monitoring Browsing History

website blocking and monitoring browsing history

All the monitoring software should furnish a website blocking facility. The employer can restrict access to specific websites that cause productivity loss. The unproductive websites can include music and video streaming websites that are streamed during working hours.

Specifically talking about pandemic and ‘work from home’ situation, the feature served greatly to the employers that it allows to block the specific unproductive and confidentiality challenging websites to access by the employee.

The feature is vital in protecting and safeguarding the business from cyber threats that are on the rise today. The primary source of the cyber breach is unsafe financial checkout of eCommerce websites that are highly prone to pose a cyber-threat to the business device.

The employer can restrict access to those websites that are considered unsafe. In this way, business interests can be protected from any potential theft and harm.

The website blocking feature is vitally significant in restricting the children from browsing inappropriate and morally challenging content. This allows the parent to block websites that contain unsuitable content for the kids.

The browsing history of the internet browser can be tracked using an efficient computer tracking software. This provides a fair view of the activities of the target user; all other browser functions also remain in full control of the end-user.

Using Keylogger to Identify Password

keylogger to identity password

Efficient monitoring software allows identifying passwords of all the installed applications on the computers. This allows the parent and employer to know what the end-user is actually up to while using those applications.

The feature can be used to find out the password of the apps installed on the business computers of the employee. This can add to the security of the business in a way that employers can know all the communication taken place from different apps with different users, thus the business confidentiality can be safeguarded if the employee is getting into connection with the competitors and trying to harm the business.

The feature can be used to identify the password of all the social media apps that the child is using on the computer/laptop. This adds to the security of the child as well, as if the child is getting harassed or pushed or pressed by any individual, the same problem can be taken up for consideration by the parent.

Recording Surroundings of the Target User

recording surrounding of the target user

The surrounding whereabouts recording feature plays a vital role in identifying the real-time surrounding activities of the child and employee. This feature presents the true picture of what the target is actually doing at a certain point in time.

In the pandemic situation of ‘work from home’, the surround recording feature is one of the most striking. This allows us to know the concentration and focus of employees while working, if there is a source of a distraction sitting by the side of the employee, the matter can be taken up for necessary action.

The feature works by bugging the mic or camera of the target device, and the real-time whereabouts of the target user can be listened to without any interruption.

Recording the Live Screen Activities

The real-time screen activities that are performing over the computer screen by the target user can be recorded extensively using an effective computer tracker. These activities reflect the true picture of the activities of the target user.

Talking about employees, the business owner can cope with the productivity issues by observing the screen activities. The end-user can view the live activities over the phone, which is registered as an ‘end-user device’.

The child can also be tracked for knowing the live activities performing on the screen. This allows the parent to know the real-time whereabouts of the child. This earns augmented safety and security to the child in a way that all the activities remain in control in real-time, and upon the smallest of inappropriate disruption, the same can be taken up for necessary action.

Tracking Social Networking Apps

All the social networking apps installed on the target device can be stalked extensively. Whatsapp, Facebook, Line, Viber, Snapchat, Tumblr, and Instagram can be spied on for all the chats, multimedia, voice notes, and documents.

This feature helps in coping with the issues of harassment and cyberbullying on kids because it allows browsing all the chats and multimedia shared with the kids over the social networking apps.

Offline Tracking

An effective monitoring software tracks online as well as offline activities performing on the target device. The app generates activity log of all the activities performed while the device is not connected to the internet.

Once the device connects to the network, the report of all the offline activities is uploaded to the online dashboard of the spy software. In this way, the end-user gets to know of all the activities in the absence of internet.

Track Productivity

Fine computer monitoring software allows allocating ‘productive’ and ‘unproductive’ activities over the course of usage of the target device. Following the instructions, the software generates a report that tells how much time was consumed while performing productive and unproductive activities respectively.

Capture Screenshots

The spy app captures screenshots at different time intervals to know the real-time happenings over the target device. It allows the parents and employers knowing about the real-time activities of their target users.

OgyMogy – Best Computer Tracking Software

After conducting an extensive assessment, we came to know that OgyMogy is currently the best computer spying facility that tracks all the activities of the target user over the laptop or computer.

The OgyMogy computer tracking facility is compatible to be used for Windows and Mac operating systems, and the service is equally good to spy on the cell phones of the target users.

The app provides Android and iPhone tracking facility also and is highly acknowledged by its current users.

The app serves an out of the box solution for protecting and augmenting the operational excellence of the businesses in the Covid-19 pandemic breakout situation. The application allows knowing the real-time whereabouts of the employees while they work from home and reflect a true picture of their activities to the employers.

The app is equally good for tracking and monitoring the real-time whereabouts of the children, this enables the parents to incorporate a solid safety protocol for the kids so that they may not suffer from the issues of cyberbullying, harassment, and other cyber threats.


The salient features that a computer tracking facility should possess are discussed. It is found that the OgyMogy computer tracking facility is currently the best service available in the marketplace that can spy on all the activities of the target user. The application furnishes internal storage tracking, website blocking, social media apps monitoring, keylogger, surround recording, and much more.

This helps employers and parents in coping with the issues of productivity and child safety, respectively.

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