Instagram Threats And Dangers To The Kids – A Guide towards Child’s Safety

instraram threats and dangers

Instagram, one of the most popular social networks worldwide, has reached the one billion active users mark recently. The increase in the customer-base suggests the massive interest that users have shown in the app’s servings.

The kids and teens account for the major proportion of Instagram users, as suggested by many surveys.

But the app has greatly caused serious implications and threats to the child’s safety.

Instagram Dangers to Kids - Revealing Statistics Furnished by Forbes

  • Five thousand cases of criminal offenses were reported over the children in only one state of the US in one year, using Instagram.
  • This was an increase of 200% from the last year’s tally pertaining to the same category.

So, it is increasingly becoming a challenge for parents to safeguard their children from criminals over the social network.

Cutting it short, parents need to incorporate the use of the Instagram phone spy app for the protection of the kids.

Let’s conduct an extensive review of the threats and dangers of Instagram to the kids and their probable solution.

Instagram Risks and Dangers to the Kids

Instagram over the years has made kids vulnerable to potential risk and dangers that you need to know. Let’s discuss them briefly alongside the solutions.

Striking Child’s Repute Through Account Hacking and Fake Accounts

One of the most pressing concerns for the parents is to protect the repute of their kid. It is observed in a number of cases that cyber criminals over Instagram use the name and picture of a kid, for posting vulgar, inappropriate, and sexually explicit content.

This greatly affects the repute and moral standing of the child in the network of friends and family. It can have psychological implications for the child as well.

Moreover, a number of cases reported of hacking of child Instagram accounts. This hacking is done targeted at serving the same purpose i.e. posting inappropriate content in someone else’s name.

The Solution to the Discussed Problem

The parents need to address the above-discussed issue efficiently to protect the interests and repute of the child.

The best solution to the problem is the use of the Instagram spy app. A spy app allows the parent to know about the real-time happenings over the child’s account extensively.

Extensive Parental Control Over The App Usage

Using a spy app, if the parent gets to know of the usage of child’s credentials for inappropriate activity, the parent can report the activity straight away at relevant forums for strict action.

The same is the case for hacking; the activity can be reported for necessary action by the relevant forums, protecting the child from potential psychological and moral damage.

Access to Adult Content without Any Restriction

Another major concern for the parents about their kids using Instagram is the widespread presence of adult and sexually explicit content over the network.

Anyone over the network can access and view the content of their choice by simply typing the relevant hashtag (#). This is a serious threat to the moral and ethical standing of the child.

The child can search for any sort of content by using the hashtag. The excessive involvement in such activities affects the academic performance of the child as well.

The Solution to the Discussed Problem

The use of the Instagram spying app effectively copes with this issue. A fine spy app allows the parent to list restricted keywords to type from the target cell phone.

The parent can make up a list of multiple keywords that relate to the inappropriate content. Every time child searches the same keyword, the spy app will notify the parent.

Mighty Alarms over Specific Keywords

This way, parents will be able to take up on the child’s moral and ethical training and restrict the child from unsuitable content.

Harassment and Cyber Bullying Problems for the Kids

The most common problems that kids face while using Instagram related to harassment and cyber bullying. The cyber criminals over Instagram look to track the child’s activities over the social network.

This is done to harass and bully the child. The reason for the activity is that these criminals look to push the child to the back foot; they try to identify the secrets and sensitive information of the kids and his/her family.

In many cases, the financial credentials of the parents are shared by the kid out of frustration to the criminal. This can greatly cost the whole family and can prove to be the deadliest of the sufferings.

The Solution to the Discussed Problem

The said problem can be actively addressed using the Instagram spy app. The parent can view and read all the chats of the kids within the network.

Chats Spying

This earns the parent a fair hand at identifying what is happening with the child in real-time. If the parent finds any sort of blackmailing, harassment, or cyber bullying, the guardian can take necessary actions to negate the impact of those threats.

Sex Offending and Cyber Predating Issues

Instagram is very much prone to the existence of cyber predators and sex offenders. These cyber criminals do this by sharing sexually explicit content with the child, looking to provoke the same kind of behavior from their targets.

The criminals share substandard content, images, videos, inappropriate messages to the kids.

The Solution to the Discussed Problem

The multimedia tracking feature of the Instagram monitoring app rescues the parent with this need. The feature allows the parent to view all the media shared over with the child over the network.

Multimedia Tracking

The feature goes the extra mile. It allows the parent to remove the specific content from the chats and even block the specific that shares below the belt content.

Other Key Features of the Instagram Spy App

  • Allows viewing stories and status updates by the child
  • Can view profile of the all the contacts of the child find out suspicious individuals

OgyMogy – Best Instagram Spy App

OgyMogy, by far, is the best Instagram spy app that is available to parents for the safety of their kids.

The app started offering services in 2014 and is primarily targeted at providing digital parenting solutions to parents. It furnishes all the above-mentioned features that are needed by the parent in protecting their kids from the dangers of Instagram.

All that a parent needs to do is to purchase a subscription of the spy app from their official website, get login credentials, login to the dashboard, follow the installation guide after getting physical access to the target phone, and they are ready to extensively safeguard their kid.

The app furnishes Windows, Mac monitoring software, and Android spy app. The Instagram spy app can be installed on to android phone of the child, and all the activities of the child can be extensively monitored.


The threats and dangers of using Instagram for the kids are presented. The parents need to incorporate a strong check over the kids’ activities to protect them from potential harms.

The best solution to safeguards the kids is by using the Instagram spy app. The best service that serves all the needs of the parents nowadays is, OgyMogy.

OgyMogy is an inclusive online safety solution that empowers families and employers to monitor content, manage screen time, manage social media, and filter websites to keep an eye on kids and employees.

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