How To Clone An Android Phone?

how to clone an android phone

In this post, we will cover how to clone a phone and what is phone cloning?

Why copy data of a phone, and what you need to do before cloning an android phone. Different approaches are floating on the web, like you need to change your device into a spy gadget.

Before going into the details, you need to know how to do it?

Nowadays, you don’t need to get access to the phone to save data. It sounds crazy, but technology these days is up to the sky.

Clone An Android Phone In A Nutshell?

The most typical method is cloning an android phone by using an application designed to clone a mobile.  The applications enable users to shift the device’s data from an old one to a new one.

Phone cloning applications are floating on the web that you can install on your cellphones, and you can use one out of all applications. Moreover, your cellphones need an internet connection to transfer the data from one to another. You can use one device to deliver the cellphone data and put the second one to receive all the data to clone a phone completely. You can check your phone and make sure all the data has moved. You can prevent data from corrupt by using backups, and you can use your new device.

Note: The focusing point is that you need to use an application and then use backups for a mobile device. Therefore, why don’t you go for a legitimate application that provides you backup and clone a cellphone at the same time? Before we discuss cloning an android phone using an app for the cellphone, you need to about the following:

What Is An Android Phone Cloning?

Phone cloning means copying the data of a device and then moves it on the other phone. You can create a backup of a phone, also would term cloning. However, delivering the data of any device is also the act of cloning a mobile device.

In the past, hackers used to tune into your phone and listen to the conversations. Modern technology is a little complex, and it seems hectic for you to get the data of the target device into your device.

Modern phones run on SIM cards that have secret codes. Therefore, it is tough for you to copy mobile data without plugging it into it.

Why Would Anyone Want To Clone An Android Phone?

Copying someone’s mobile data seems intrusive and illicit activity all over the globe. But still, you can do it for legal issues.

People can clone an android phone to set parental control on kids’ mobile and keep an eye on employee’s business devices.

Moreover, individuals monitor a mobile for moving data from one device to another and many more. Most people think of cloning to make the phone not get tracked. However, you can easily track a mobile no matter what!

You can send cellphone data, like videos, photos, contacts, emails, and many more. A law does not apply unless you are breaching someone’s privacy without consent.

You can listen to anyone’s phone calls, monitor contacts, read the message and emails having consent or device belongs to you.

What Is The Legitimate Way To Clone An Android Phone?

Yes, you can have a legitimate way to clone any android mobile device. But before you go through the process, you need to have the following things at your disposal.

  • Backup of your device
  • Backup of all the concerned data of the target phone
  • Your current cellphone

You need to backup all of your concerned data on the target mobile. Parents need to backup for family photos, videos, and many more from the teen’s phones.

On the other hand, business professionals need to back up everything stored on the phone provided to employees to safeguard confidential information owned by the company.

Use The Ogymogy Spy App To Clone Your Android Phone

You can clone a cell phone device by using mobile monitoring software. It empowers you to copy all of your data on the target cellphone, and then you can share it with the OgyMogy dashboard.

For cloning a mobile, you need to install phone tracking software on the target device. You need to have physical access to the target device to configure the installation process.

Moreover, get access to the web control panel of the phone spy software and you not only can copy phone data but track the device to the fullest. You can transfer the following data of the target device into your device.

Intercept The Text Messages

Once you have installed OgyMogy on the target device, you can change a cellphone into a spy gadget. You can intercept messages sent and received on the target device you wish to clone.

Phone Contacts

You can send the contacts stored on the target mobile by cloning it to the fullest.

Call Logs

Users can access the logs of incoming and outgoing calls to the target device using phone tracking software.

Social Media Conversations

You can clone an android phone social network conversations using the social media spy app. It empowers you to deliver messages, conversations, and voice and video call logs to your new device.


Users can sync the mobile’s precious data, like videos, photos, music files, and many more. You can do it from one phone to another using the OgyMogy secure web control panel.


You can clone emails sent or received on a mobile using the emails tracking app. It enables users to sync the email content to your dashboard. Later on, you can sync the data of the emails into your new device.

Record Calls

Users can record the phone calls and send the data recorded phone calls data to their new cellphone device.

The Best Thing About Ogymogy To Clone An Android Phone?

The application works like a typical clone application. It is far better than the actual application because you don’t need a backup for your data stored on your device. It can provide you data backup and further empowers you to spy on mobile to the fullest. Users copy any cellphone data running with Android OS in real-time.

Commonly Asked Questions To Clone An Android Phone:

Can We Clone An Android Phone?

Yes, you can clone any mobile device running with Android operating systems. Don’t use free apps that enable you to copy your old phone’s data and store it in the new one because it will put your data at risk. You can use the OgyMogy cellphone tracking app to avoid data loss issues. It is the best application to move any android device data to the fullest.

Can You Clone A Cell Phone?

You can do it, but before you opt for the process, you need to create a data backup. Moreover, install OgyMogy on your target device to move all of your data into the new mobile device.

Can You Clone Someone's Phone Without Them Knowing?

You can clone someone’s mobile device without them knowing using cell phone monitoring software. You can install it on your cellphone, and it works secretly on the target device and syncs all the data into your new cellphone device using its online dashboard. The cellphone tracking app is the best tool to track a device without someone’s knowledge.

Can Someone Clone Your Phone Remotely?

No, you cannot clone any device unless you install an application on the target device that you wish to transfer data from one device to another. You have to have physical access on your mobile devices to get the job done.

Is It Possible To Clone An Android Phone For Free?

You can find out several applications that empower you to copy any mobile device data.  Free apps to clone any phone; you need to use OgyMogy to get the job done convincingly. Free cloning applications cost your time and energy, and the possibilities that you can lose your device.

OgyMogy is an inclusive online safety solution that empowers families and employers to monitor content, manage screen time, manage social media, and filter websites to keep an eye on kids and employees.

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