OgyMogy Kids Monitoring and Parental Control Apps Complete Guide

OgyMogy Kids Monitoring and Parental Control Apps Complete Guide

OgyMOgy has come up with the kids monitoring parental control apps. It is intended to protect children from real life and online dangers. Parents can get access to all kinds of digital devices in terms of Android and iOS parental controls and further monitor windows and Mac computer devices. Kids’ best parental control software is packed with multiple parenting apps that can spy on multiple smartphones and computer machines running with different operating systems.

The monitoring software to spy on kids has a very user-friendly interface and the end-user can use different parental controls on different devices in terms of OS. However, kid’s parental monitoring app has plenty of kids tracking apps, but the best part of all the kid’s surveillance software packed with powerful kids tracking features. To cut the long story short, the child monitoring app is the ultimate and reliable tool that can get access to any kind of digital device and unveils kids’ and teens’ activities with a complete time stamp.

Significance of OgyMOgy kids parenting software

  • Packed with multiple kids parenting control apps
  • Monitor children online and real-life activities
  • Remotely control kids cellphone and gadgets of android
  • Spy on kids and teens computer machines such as Windows and Mac
  • Set parental control on iPhone non-jailbreak device
  • Online control panel for all parental controls for kids
  • Get access to the stored data on children digital devices
  • Best parenting tools to monitor the GPS location of kids
  • The easy installation process of all child parental control
  • Instant monitoring of data stored in kids devices
  • Track activities of kids on the device in real-time

How to Install OgyMogy Parental Monitoring Apps?

There is no rocket science about the installation of parental software on children devices. Initially, you have to visit the official website of the OgyMOgy monitoring app. Then you will have to choose one out of all spy apps for parenting.

Step1: Get OgyMogy Parental Tracking App Subscription

You can subscribe according to your needs, means the particular software that you want to monitor for parenting such as Android, iOS non-jailbreak solution and for MAC and windows. Then you will receive an email and you will have the credentials of the particular parenting solution that you have chosen earlier.

Step2: Get the Possession of Target Device (Android, iOS, Tablet, MAC & Windows)

Moreover, you need to have the physical access on the target device to start the installation process. Once you have ended up with the installation process, then you need to activate the digital parenting app on your target device. During the installation process, the user will see the pop –up the message on the screen that provides to option to the user. First one is to use the parenting app secretly and the second one is to use it as it is.

Step3: Get Access to Online Dashboard to Activate Features

Now choose your best option and activate the subscribed parenting solution on the target device. Then you will have able to visit the contemporary features that make you capable of setting parental control on your target device running with the particular OS.


When it comes to set parental monitoring on children’s iOS devices, you need to subscribe with the OgyMOgy jailbreak solution for iPhone. Then you will have the credentials, and you can physically access your target jailbreak iOS device. Now you have to configure the installation process and activate it on the dashboard. You can further visit the features of the OgyMogy iPhone spy software. It will let you to perform parental monitoring on the iOS device.

OgyMOgy Parental Control Apps for Kids

There are multiple OgyMogy parenting apps have introduced that as follows:

Android Parental Control App for Children

If your children spending too much time on their android cellphones and tablets. Then you just need to use the android parenting software for kid’s cellphones and gadgets. It will empower parents to get access to all the activities performed on the target android gadget. You can simply need to install the cellphone parenting app for Android and then get access to all the activities to happen on the target device. Android monitoring software for children empower the user use its powerful and contemporary features to get access to all the data stored in the Android smartphone of your child and you can stay updated about your child hidden activities. There are following android parenting features to monitor kids and teens digital activities.

Android Remote Parental Control Features

  • Video camera spy
  • Camera Bug
  • Listen microphone surroundings
  • Screen recorder
  • Social media messenger software
  • Call history tracker
  • Email spy
  • Text messages spy
  • GPS tracking
  • Phone data spy
  • Internet spy
  • Remote parental control

How to Install Parental Control Software for Android?

There are the following steps you need to follow to install cellphone parental monitoring software. Let’s take a look at the steps.

Step1: Get an Android Parental Control App Subscription

You can subscribe to the android parental control app by visiting OgyMogy webpage. In response, you will get the password and ID of the dashboard. Make sure the target cellphone is running with the Android operating system.

Step2: Take the Target Android Device into Your Hands

Now you to have physical access to the target phone and start the installation process. After you have done with the configuration, you can activate it on the target device.

Step3: Use Credentials to Activate the Online Web Portal

Use the credentials that you have procured at the time of subscription and get access to the web control panel. Moreover, you can go through the features and use them to set parental control on android phones and tablets to the fullest.

Kid’s Parental Control for IOS Devices (Jailbreak Solution)

OgyMogy iPhone parenting software provides users with a jailbreak solution for iOS devices. It enables a user to perform digital parenting on your teen’s online activities. However, you need to install a parental control app.  A user needs to have physical access to the target jailbreak iPhone device. You need to install the iPhone spy app for setting parental control on an iOS device. Therefore, you need to use the OgyMogy iPhone spying software, and the end-user will have the following powerful jailbreak solution for iPhone features. It will help out parents to get their hands on all the children’s activities.

IPhone Parental Monitoring App Features

  • Call logs
  • SMS
  • iMessages
  • Installed apps
  • Device information
  • WhatsApp logs
  • Appointments & calendars
  • Contacts
  • Notes

How to Install IPhone Parental Control App? (Jailbreak solution)

You have to get the best kids parental control app for iOS devices.  You can get it and install using the following steps.

Step1: Subscribe to Kids Parental Monitoring App for IPhone

You can get a subscription to iPhone monitoring software, but you have to go through the webpage of OgyMogy. Now you can get the subscription, and you will receive an email. You can get the credentials.

Step2: Get Physical Access on Jailbreak IPhone Device

It is the time to have possession of the jailbreak iPhone device and start the installation. You have to complete the installation process and activate it on the target device.

Step3: Use Credentials to Get Access Web Control Panel

Now you can use the credentials and get access to the OgyMogy web control panel and visit iPhone tracking app features. You can use the features to set parental control on iOS devices.

Teen’s Parental Software to Control Windows & Mac

Being a parent, teen’s digital parenting is quite a tough job. Especially, teens are using computer machines such as laptops and desktop running with Windows and Mac. Parents can perform digital parenting on devices runs with both OS Windows and Mac. All you need to do is to use the installation process of computer and PC parenting software on teen’s devices. Then you will be able to know all the activities they have performed on their devices with a complete time stamp. End-user can remotely get access to the target devices delivered activities and as well as to control the inappropriate browsing to the fullest. Let’s get to know powerful and exclusive tools of the windows and Mac parenting apps to monitor teen’s activities.

Mac Parenting Control Features

How to Install MAC Parental Control Software?

Being worried parents, you can set parental control on kid’s mac computer devices, but you need to install mac monitoring app using the following steps.

Step1: Subscribe to MAC Parental Monitoring App

Parents can get an instant subscription of mac parental tracking app.    You need to visit the OgyMogy parental control app. It will provide you passcode and ID through an email. You can check your email inbox to collect the credentials.

Step2: Get Physical Access to Computer Devices

Now get physical access on mac laptop or desktop computer device and execute the installation process. From the time you have the physical access and the time installation ended only takes a few minutes. Further, activate the Mac parental control app on the target machine.

Step3: Get Access to An Online Dashboard

You can use the password and ID and get access to the online web control panel. It provides you mac monitoring software with powerful features to perform parental monitoring on a kid’s mac computer.

Windows Parental Control Features

  • Website blocking
  • User –friendly reports
  • Mighty alarms
  • Visited websites
  • Online offline tracking
  • Live to monitor
  • Screenshots on demand
  • Activity logs

How to Install Windows Parental Control App?

Windows devices are everywhere, and the same is the case with youngsters. You can set parental control on windows laptops and desktop devices by using the following steps.

Step1: Subscribe to Windows Parental Monitoring Software

You have to get windows monitoring software subscription, and you can do that by visiting the OgyMogy parental control official website. You can get the subscription and credentials via email.

Step2: Take the Target Windows PC Possession

Now get physical access on windows PC and start the installation process. You have to complete the installation process successfully, and then you can activate it on the target device.

Step3: Activate the Online Web Control Panel

Use the password and ID that you have received at the time of subscription and activate the windows monitoring software online dashboard. You can further visit the powerful features to set parental control on kid’s Windows devices.


OgyMOgy parental control is undoubtedly is the exclusive parenting solution to monitor kid’s digital devices running with different operating systems. Now parents can put worries to rest and gets peace of mind having complete information about teen’s online activities.

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