How Can I Monitor My Kids Snapchat Without Them Knowing?

How Can I Monitor My Kids Snapchat without Them Knowing

How Can I Monitor My Kids Snapchat Without Them Knowing? This is a million dollar question for the parents nowadays. The most pressing concern of the parents is the protection, safety, and security of their kids. All the parents nowadays look to protect their kids from all sorts of external threats that are posed by the use of the digital network.

One of the most concerning platforms that are prone to challenge the safety and security of the child is social networking apps, if we talk more precisely, its Snapchat.

Snapchat, one of the most commonly used social networks by the kids, is plotting a big-time concern for the parents as the number of cases reporting of virtual child abuse through Snapchat are increasing.

The ultimate rescue for the parents regarding the prevailing issue is the use of a Snapchat spy app that can actively record each and every bit of communication performing on the target Snapchat.

Let’s roll out the discussion by pitching some relevant statistics, followed by problems and solutions.

Stats Related To Snapchat Threats To Kids

  • There are 229 million active Snapchat users worldwide as of Q1 of 2020, featuring a massive rise of more than 20% from the same quarter of the previous year
  • It is reported that more than four billion snaps are created over the platform in 24-hours, which shows high-end usage of the network around the globe
  • The active users, on average, spend more than 30 minutes a day over Snapchat
  • It is reported that 69% of the US teens use Snapchat daily

So, the furnished stats have spoken aloud about the fondness of kids and teens towards the network and imply that parents’ concerns are rightly justified.

The Threatening Features Of Snapchat And Its Solution

In the abstract, Snapchat allows clicking pictures and recording short videos with hundreds of filters that attract the kids. Besides this, the users can chat, exchange multimedia, and can make VoIP and video calls at any point of time with the connections in their network.

What Parents Should Know About Snapchat? The parents should incorporate a strong mechanism that can comprehensively clone all the activities of the kids over the platform and safeguard the kids’ interest in all aspects of Snapchat.

There are number of features that are threatening the kids’ security and moral standing. Let’s discuss the problems and their solutions.

Problem: Snapcash Paving A Way For Exchanging Inappropriate Content

Snapcash is a financial channel through which every Snapchat user can transfer money to other users. The feature is paving the way for paid inappropriate and immoral activities by the kids.

According to a report, a large number of kids and teens are involved in sharing sexually explicit content, including photos and videos over the network, in exchange for the monetary value.

The viewers of the content transfer the agreed-upon amount to the kids’ Snapcash, which can be withdrawn without any hassle. This all is done without any hint to the parent.

The Solution To Problems Rigged Out By Snapcash

The best solution proposed by the experts in response to the above-discussed problem is the use of the Snapchat spy app for cell phones. A spy app enables the parent to record all the Snapchat take-ups of the kids without them knowing.

The kids do not even get a hint of the whole activity. The spy app clones the target user’s Snapchat to the parent’s phone.

The parent gets access to the Snapcash tab, thus viewing all the financial exchanges, if any. Upon finding any suspicious activity, the parent can take necessary actions.

Problem: Snapchat Games Are Posing Moral Challenges Through Inappropriate Conversations

Snapchat enables its users to play games over the platform. The teens and kids are very much fond of these games because the app allows exchanging views and comments while playing games. These exchanges are in the form of messages, voice notes, and emoticons.

The problem arises when the kids start the game, which presents below the belt content in the form of animated gifs. The characters of a few games exhibit sub-standard and immoral images that are not considered to be viewed by the child.

The kids, while playing these games, comment on these characters, and the conversation starts going into other dimensions that can damage their moral standing.

The Solution To Problems Rigged Out By Snapchat Games

The solution is to track child phone without them knowing. The parents can cope with the threats posed by Snapchat Games by using a Snapchat spy app. The spy app enables the parent to view all the games the kids are playing, thus allows keeping a close look at the exchange of views.

This all is done remotely from the end-user’s phone. The monitoring app covers all the kids’ activities without them knowing because if the kid gets any hint of such activity, the parent can be in deep waters.

Problem: Snapchat Discover Allows Kids To Explore Adult Content

The feature presents the promotional content. The content is created by celebrities and other media personalities that sometimes contain inappropriate and adult images and videos for the sake of marketing.

The kids are more prone to explore such content because there is no restriction to explore except age, and it can also be manipulated using different techniques.

The Solution To The Problems Pulled Off By Snapchat Discover

The Snapchat spy app is the rescue for all the problems of the parents regarding their kids’ Snapchat usage. The parent can virtually monitor all the activities through the online dashboard.

The parent can also address the problem by using the remote screen recording feature of the spy app. A number of efficient Snapchat monitoring solutions records live screen activities in the form of short clips. These clips are presented to the end-user over the web portal of the spy app.

By having a close look over the kids’ activities, the parent can take the necessary steps to protect the kid.

The Best Spy App Addressing All The Concerns Is Ogymogy

There are number of Snapchat tracking apps, but the best solution proposed by the experts is OgyMogy. The best cell phone spy app can extensively record each and every bit of taking place over the target phone of the kids without them knowing.

The issues posed by Snapcash, Snapchat Games, and Snapchat Discover can be addressed through state-of-the-art features of OgyMogy.

All that a parent need is to buy a license of the app and install the app on the target phone following the furnished instructions. The parent needs physically access the device only once in order to get all this done.


The discussion goes along presenting the best spy app to monitor the kids’ whereabouts over Snapchat without them knowing. The best solution presented in the discussion is OgyMogy that takes the whole of all the concerns of the parents.

OgyMogy is an inclusive online safety solution that empowers families and employers to monitor content, manage screen time, manage social media, and filter websites to keep an eye on kids and employees.

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