Can I track my child’s phone without them knowing

can i track my child phone without them knowing

Technology has done miracles over the years. Cellphone devices are everywhere, and people using them to make live phone calls and send text messages. Users further use emails and use social messaging apps to communicate with their loved ones and family members without paying a single penny.

On the other side, children are more likely to spend time on cellphones connected to cyberspace. So, parents are concerned about their online and real-life activities. The generation z is tech-savvy and intelligent compare to the parents. Young kids can easily set protection on their phones using digits and pattern passwords to custom their digital use of a cellphone.

They are obsessed with social media and more likely to interact with strangers. Therefore, parents are trying their best to track a child’s phone without them knowing.

Why Would I Track My Child's Phone Without Them Knowing?

The digital world is so nasty and brutal. It is continuously targeting young kids to the fullest. From adult content to sharing bodies, kids are doing risky things online.  From interacting with online predators to get involved in sexting, kids are doing nasty things. So, parents have to monitor and track the child’s phone secretly.

Kids Are Using A Cell Phone Without Parents Knowing –Outcomes

Parents want to do the same as kids and teens are doing without their knowledge. Your child is in the habit of secretly using cellphone devices and don’t want to give a single clue to parents that what he/she is up to all the time. Kids being secretive all the time on cellphones can lead kids towards digital nightmares and inappropriate activities.

Common Sense Media Report

More than 95% of teens have cellphone devices, and 50% of addicted to phones. 70% of teens have internet access and are using social messaging apps secretly without their parents knowing.

  • More than 71% of teens and 48% of parents immediately think to respond a phone and text messages
  • 80% of the teens check their phones several times in an hour
  • 50% Teens always feel distracted having cellphones in their hands
  • One-third of the parents exchange heated arguments with teens because of phone usage
  • 56% of the teens check their phone behind the wheels

You need to make sure kids’ online safety and the prevention of children from dangers you need to track a child’s phone without them knowing. Otherwise, kids would love to meet online predators secretly and get involved in risky online activities. Now the question arises, how to monitor any cellphone device without the target person’s knowledge.

How Can I Track My Child's Phone Without Them Knowing?

Plenty of experts have addressed the issue. It is ambiguous that how to track kid’s phones secretly. However, the rise of child cyberbullying, kidnapping, and porn addiction make parents frightened.

If you ask your teens to access their phone, then teens may feel insecure. Teens love to have privacy and freedom, and they want anyone to interfere in cellphone activities. So, there is an efficient way to spy on your teen’s cellphone by using a non-intrusive cell phone spy app. You can use the mobile tracker to trace kid’s location and monitor every activity without them knowing.

Today, I will introduce an ultimate way to spy on a child’s phone sneakily without making an effort.

Ogymogy Mobile Tracker – Secretly Track Your Kids No Matter Where They Are

Tracking your kid’s android phone is just a piece of cake for you unless you employ the OgyMogy phone tracker. It is non-rooted and hidden tracking software for cellphones.  

It is an application that empowers you to monitor your kid’s location without them knowing. It helps out parents get the real-time location of the kids hanging outside the house in neighborhoods. You can monitor child’s location no matter where they are at the moment. Moreover, it can provide you real-time reports of cellphone insight activities to the fullest.

Apart from spying on location, location history, and route map of your kids, you can record live phone calls, messages, keystrokes, social media, and emails to the fullest. OgyMogy can do surveillance on kid’s digital space.

Ogymogy Phone Tracker App Features To Track Child's Phone Without Them Knowing

The following features of the mobile tracker empower you to monitor kid’s phones secretly and remotely. Have a look at the following features to get the job done effortlessly.

Screen Recorder

The screen recorder app is the best tool to monitor and track lives phone screen activity. It has a kind of monitoring tools that let you record real-time screen by making short videos. Parents can use the online dashboard of the android tracker and watch online activities.

Surround Recording

Users can remotely hack the microphone of a child’s phone and connects it with the OgyMogy dashboard. It enables you to listen to the surroundings by record voices and conversations.

Live Camera

Users can hack the front and back cameras of the device.  You can use the live camera spy tool on the target cellphone device. You can watch your kid’s surroundings in real-time and get to know what your kids are doing in your absence.


Users can monitor the real-time location, location history, and weekly history and make safe and dangerous areas for teens virtually on the MAP. You can also set a geofence around the kids and get notifications when they enter or leave the electronic fence.

SMS Logs

Parents can do surveillance on text messaging activity and read sent and received text messages using the text messages tracker.

Browsing History

Parents can access cellphone installed browsers and monitor browsing history, like visited apps and websites with the schedule.

Social Media Spy

You can read instant messaging apps logs, like text messages, and text conversations with a time stamp.

These are the top-line features of OgyMogy tracking software that empower you to monitor children’s phones without their knowledge. Now you need to know how these powerful tools work on the target cellphone device secretly.

How To Install An Ogymogy Phone Tracker To Track My Kid Secretly?

OgyMogy does need a tech-savvy person to monitor the target cellphone device. However, you need to know about the installation process to get the job done effectively. Let’s have a look at the following steps to spy on any mobile device without the target person knowing.

Get A Subscription To Mobile Tracking Software

You need to go through the official webpage of mobile tracker software and get the subscription.  You will receive an email, and you need to login to your email to get the password and ID after signing up to OgyMogy.

Start Installation Process Having Physical Access

You need to get physical access on the phone and start the installation process. Further, complete the configuration and activate it on your child’s phone.

Activate The Online Web Control Panel

Now you can use the credentials that you have got at the time of subscription and activate the secure web control panel. You can use the cell phone tracking software’s top-line features to track kids’ cellphones without their knowledge.

Ogymogy Tracking Software Has Benefits You Need To Know

Following are the benefits that you can get by using the best mobile tracker app. No other application has such capacity and user-friendliness.

  • Take less time to install on the target phone
  • User –friendly installation process
  • Secret and remote monitoring ability
  • Take little space and time on a target device
  • Un-install remotely after tracking phone successfully

It is an outstanding application that helps parents track kids’ location, live calls, social media, keystrokes, and social media without them knowing. It has affordable subscription plans and compatible with the latest Android devices running up to version 11.  98% of features work without rooting a kid’s android phone.


Gone are the days when you have to practice hectic methods to know your child’s activities without them knowing. You can use OgyMogy cell phone tracking software to get the job done.

OgyMogy is an inclusive online safety solution that empowers families and employers to monitor content, manage screen time, manage social media, and filter websites to keep an eye on kids and employees.

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