20 Affordable Best Phone Spy Apps for Android & IOS in 2021

best phone spy apps

Cell phone devices have made people feel a little cynical about digital spying. The usage of phone spy apps enables you to perform ethical and unethical espionage on digital devices running with the android and iOS operating systems. However, it depends upon the individual preference how you can use these technological spy phone apps for android and iOS in 2021.

Take a look at a comprehensive review of the popular mobile spy apps for android and iOS devices. It is all about features, pros, cons, installation, and affordable prices that help you choose the 20 best spy applications.

Reasons To Use Best Phone Spying Apps For Android & Ios

There is a race of legitimate reasons as to why anyone chooses the best mobile spy apps.  People use spy apps for android and iOs devices to set parental control on kids and monitor employees. Further, you can track lost or stolen GPS location, incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, social media activity, browsing history, and many more. We are here to guide you in your decision making.

There are following 20 affordable best phone spying apps for Android and iOS in 2021.

1) OgyMogy

It is the No.1 mobile spy app in the world that has made its way to the next level in a short period. The popular thing is that you can use it as parental monitoring app. Moreover, it is suitable for spying on the digital devices of employees.

It is pack with several sets of features. You can use it to monitor any device running with the Android operating system. It has both traditional and exclusive features to spy on any mobile device to the fullest. The application provides a rooted and non-rooted set of features. You can install it on the target device without effort because of its user–friendly interface.

The moment you set it up on the target device takes little time to complete its configuration. It works at the back end of the mobile secretly.  It provides a user dashboard that lets you spy on android by using its powerful and advanced spying tools.

ogymogy phone spy app

Ogymogy Phone Spy App Products

It offers cellphone spy software for android that you can use on any mobile device running with the Android operating system. The application does not provide service for iOS devices yet, but it is working on it.

Ogymogy Phone Spy App Basic Features

When it comes to traditional spying on devices, OgyMogy is pack with dozens of surveillance tools that enable users to monitor devices running with the Android OS. Let’s take a look at the following mentioned tools.


It has the potential to capture all the keystrokes applied on the target android. It can record password, messenger, messages, and email keystrokes.

Call Recording

It can record live calls in a stealth mode of incoming and outgoing calls and save data on the dashboard.

Call History

You can use phone spy software to monitor the call history of inbound and outbound calls.


End users can capture screenshots of a mobile secretly and send them to the web control panel.

Social Media Spy

OgyMogy is a social media spy tool that potentially hovers over social media apps instant messaging chats, conversations, media files, voice, and video call logs.

SMS History

You can read SMS logs of sent and received text messages on the android device with the schedule.

GPS location

It can remotely track the GPS location of a target device. And you can see the virtual on Google Map.

Data Backup

OgyMogy android monitoring app can sync data of the target device to an online dashboard.

Email Tracking

Users can monitor and track sent/received emails on the target handset device using the email tracking app.

OgyMogy Mobile Spy App for Android Exclusive Features

Apart from typical features, mobile spy software offers exclusive features that ultimately make it invincible compare to its competitors. There are the following exclusive features of the cellphone spy app that make your mind choose it.

Screen Recording

Perform real–time screen recording on an android screen and record short videos and send them to the control panel.

Surround Recording

Users can control the target phone microphone and remotely record surround sounds, voices and conversations and save data on the web portal.

VOIP Call Recording

Users can record VoIP calls of Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, and many more without rooting the target android.

Live Camera

Live camera spy enables users to remotely connect the cameras to your dashboard and start live streaming of target device surround.

Track Location of Lost/Theft Device

Location tracker tool can track the real-time location of your lost/theft device. Further, get location history, and you can wipe out the data of the target device remotely.

Remote Uninstall App

Users can remotely remove the spy app for android using the OgyMogy dashboard to stop parenting and employee monitoring.


Remotely bug target device mic to record surrounds voice chats and conversations.

Camera Bug

Remotely bug the camera of the android device to capture surrounding images and videos.

How to Install OgyMogy Mobile Spy App?

You need to subscribe to the best phone spy software by visiting its website. Login to your email and get your passcode and ID. Further, get physical access on the device to start the installation process. It does not require rooting at all.

You have to complete the process of installation and activate it on the dashboard. Use credentials and access the web portal to use features. You can use the tools and get an insight into the mobile device using the dashboard to the fullest.

Note: You need to install OgyMogy monitoring software having physical access on the target android phone. It does not support remote installation on the target mobile. Keep in your mind remote spying without touching the target device is not possible yet. None of the spy app providing remote installation because it is not possible at all. If anyone claims about remote installation, it is a scam.


  • Best mobile spy app to set parental control on kid’s cellphones
  • Real-time monitoring software to measure employee’s productivity
  • Real-time surround recording of target handset
  • Instant access to the device secretly
  • It works in a stealth mode & unable to detect on the target device
  • Packed with the non-rooted features
  • Remote online dashboard to operate the application
  • Affordable subscription plans for parents & small scale businesses


  • End-user cannot install it on the target device remotely without touching the phone
  • Discourage all those users that want to use it for illicit and intrusive surveillance
  • Lacking with mobile spy app for iPhone (Coming Soon)


OgyMogy is one of those phone spy apps that are compatible with devices running with Android OS, starting from 5.0 up to OS version 11. Most of its features can perform without rooting the device except a few.


$29per month
$696 month

2) TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy is a king of spy throne, and over the years, it has come up with mind-blowing services. The application is a trendsetter, and most of its competitors love to follow it in every way. The phone tracker app was the first one that has introduced the best parental control features.

It was the one that diminishes intrusive and illicit surveillance on someone’s mobile devices. It is arguably one of the best spying software for android and iOS devices. You can use it to make sure business security and productivity. It has plenty of mobile phone monitoring features to track android and iOS devices. All of its features work in a stealth mode.

theonespy spy app

TheOneSpy Phone Spy App Products

You can monitor mobile with Android and iOS operating systems. The spy app has come up with the following monitoring software that you need to know.

  • Android spy app
  • IPhone monitoring App

You can use these two products to monitor and track the devices of your kids and employees. Applications have perfectly engineered tools that enable end-users to spy on the target android and iOS devices remotely and secretly. Take a look at the following features of each phone spy application.

TheOneSpy Features for Android

Android spy software has two types of features, like basic and exclusive. Let’s see the features of the best mobile monitoring app tools.

Basic Features

  • Social media monitoring
  • Call logs
  • Email monitoring
  • Read messages
  • GPS location tracker
  • Monitor multimedia
  • Video camera bug
  • Keystrokes logging

Exclusive Features

  • Live 360 Streaming
  • Bugging/surround recording
  • Password Chaser
  • Non-rooted social media spy
  • Live screen recording
  • VoIP call recorder

Android Compatibility

TheOneSpy supports all kinds of phones running with the Android OS, starting from OS 5.0 up to the OS version 11. It can secretly track an android for digital parenting and employee monitoring purposes.


  • It is the best cellphone parental control software
  • State of the art product to spy on small scale businesses
  • Remotely remove spy app from target device
  • Remote features to track and block target device activities
  • It works secretly on the android
  • Packed with hundreds of spying features
  • Remote dashboard access
  • TOS Desk app to spy on multiple device using single dashboard


  • Unable to install remotely on target android

Installation Process

  • Subscribe to TheOneSpy
  • Get physical access on android
  • Start installation & Get dashboard access
  • Monitor your target device


TheOneSpy is offering three subscription plans, like $6.25 (X Lite Edition) & TOS Premium for $12.5 for a month.

TheOneSpy IOS Features

There are following features of iPhone spy app that you can use to set parental control on kid’s iOs devices, like iPhone and iPad.

  • Call logs
  • SMS
  • iMessages
  • Device Info
  • WhatsApp
  • Installed Apps
  • Appointments
  • Contacts


TheOneSpy iPhone spying app is compatible with all kinds of iphones running with iOS version 11 up to 14.5.


  • Best iPhone spy app for digital parenting & employee monitoring
  • It is the best Jailbreak solution for iOS devices
  • Pack with exclusive features to monitor iOS phones and ipads


  • Unable to spy on iOS without jailbreak
  • Pack with limited set of features
  • Unable to install remotely on the target device

How to Install TheOneSpy IPhone Monitoring App?

  • Subscribe to the application
  • Jailbreak your target device
  • Start installation process
  • Use dashboard to perform monitoring


TheOneSpy is offering premier package for iOS devices.  Users can buy the license for $35/month, $55/3 month & $99.

3) Flexispy

It is one of the most popular mobile spy apps to date.  It is expensive, packed with the state of the art monitoring tools for Android and iOS devices. You can remotely spy on mobile devices without anyone knowing. You can use the application for exclusive spying activities, like call tracking, messages monitoring, and remotely hack the mobile camera. Every feature is well-built and capable of doing surveillance on someone’s device remotely. Phone spy software is easy to install and provide instant results for the target device.

phone spy apps

Flexispy Products

Mobile monitoring software has two products, one is for android devices, and the second one is for iOS. Let’s discuss these products briefly, about features, prices, installation, pros, and cons.

  • Android spying app
  • IPhone monitoring App

Flexispy Android Monitoring App Features

  • Listen to the surroundings
  • Live calls listening
  • Device location
  • Monitor social apps
  • Spy on mobile contacts
  • Monitor internet
  • Remote camera capture
  • Monitor application activity
  • Keylogger for android


Flexispy is compatible with all android OS devices from 4.0 up to OS version 11 and above devices. When it comes to OS support, the application is supporting every android OS phone and tablet devices.


It offers three subscription plans, Lite, Premium, and Extreme, $29.5 for the month, $68, and $199.


  • It is a feature –rich spy application for android
  • Perfect for tracking kids smartphone devices
  • Handy for spying on employee business devices
  • Supportive for all android OS devices


  • One of the most expensive phone spy app
  • Interface of the app is not user –friendly
  • Recommended for tech-geeks only

How to Install Flexispy Android Spy on Cellphone?

  • Get the license
  • Activate it on target device
  • Monitor Data
  • Data will go to server
  • Use dashboard to view data

Flexispy Iphone Spying Software Features

  • Spy on chat
  • Remote surround listening
  • View and monitor GPS location
  • Spy on contacts
  • Track web history
  • Keylogger


Users can buy Lite, Premium and Extreme subscriptions for 1 month/ 29.5, 3 months/ $68 and for 12 months/349 $.


  • Flexispy has jailbreak solution for iOS devices
  • IPhone spy app has reasonable price range for premium license


  • Most of its iPhone spy features are for marketing stunts

4) Mspy

Mspy is one of the great’s phone spy apps that have come up with exciting tools for spying on android and iOS devices. End-users can use it for setting parental control on kids and further monitor employee’s business devices.  It is a kind of spy software that provides you all the typical features you need. You can use the powerful and potentially accurate tools for surveillance on digital devices. It works remotely on the device once you install it on the target device.

mobile phone spy apps

Mspy Products

Mspy mobile spy is packed with two products, one is for android devices and second one is for iOS devices. It means, users can spy on both major operating systems of smartphones without facing hazels.

  • Android spying app
  • Iphone tracking app

Mspy Spy Software for Android Features

It has all the features that you need to spy on any cellphone device secretly. Take a look at the features that provide you quality results without any time.

  • See call logs
  • Monitor messaging chats
  • Browse text messages
  • Monitor web history
  • Scan multimedia content
  • Track GPS location


It offers Premium, and Family subscriptions for $9.99/month for 1 Device & 69.99/month for 3 devices.


Mspy is compatible with phones and tablet devices running with android OS devices up to OS version 10.

How to Install Mspy Phone Spy App on Android?

  • Buy subscription for android device
  • Install and set it up on target device
  • Start monitoring your kids & employees


  • You can track more than 1 device at a time
  • It offers familykit features for tracking kids online
  • Contain best features to monitor employees


  • The application has limited features for employee monitoring

Mspy IPhone Monitoring Software (Without Jailbreak)

There is no need to install Mspy on the target iOS device, and you can monitor the iPhone device using the non-jailbreak solution. You need to use the iCloud of the target iOS device and integrate it with the cellphone spy app to get the job done. Use the following features to track any iphone without physical access.

Mspy – iPhone non-jailbreak solution Features

  • Monitor Contacts
  • Call logs
  • Text messages
  • Browsing History
  • Events
  • Notes


Mspy is offering premium subscription plan for 1 Month – $41.99/, 3 Months – $23.56/, and 12 Months – $9.91.


IPhone spy app is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 7 – 8.4; 9.0 – 9.1


  • Users can use it to set parental control on iOs devices
  • Secretly monitor any iphone device instantly.


  • Mspy non-jailbreak solution has limited set of features
  • You cannot use it for iPhone without activating iClouds

How to Use Mspy iPhone Non-Jailbreak Solution?

  • Buy iPhone tracking app (Non-Jailbreak solution)
  • Get iCloud credentials of target device
  • Use iCloud credentials to Mspy dashboard
  • Get started with spying on iOS device

5) MobiStealth

It is one of the great parental control software for android and iOS devices. Phone spy app provides users basic features for tracking kids’ and employee’s activities to the fullest.

The application is easy to install, and you can use every feature for productive activity. It works secretly on the target device and keeps sending time-to-time results to secure web-based account.

cell phone spy apps

Mobistealth Products

The application has multiple products for mobile devices running with Android and iOS operating systems. So, spy software has two products which are as follows.

  • Android monitoring software
  • IPhone spying application

Mobistealth is known for android and iOS tracking over the last decade. These two products have made the application invincible to date. Let’s discuss it shortly.

Mobistealth Mobile Spying App for Android Features

Cellphone spy software has many tools that can track and monitor any device running with Android OS. You can use the following features to monitor the target device to the fullest.

  • SMS monitoring
  • Call tracking
  • Location tracker
  • Monitor chat Messenger
  • Key logging
  • Surround recording
  • Gmail logging

Mobistealth IPhone Tracking App Features

  • See photos
  • Web browsing
  • App List
  • Record surrounds
  • Keystrokes logger


  • Though, application has all the features you need
  • Best tracking app for android to set parental control on kids
  • Supporting both android and iOS devices
  • Enable users to monitor employees without them knowing
  • Feature rich application for android devices


  • Best for typical spying activities
  • Lacking with exclusive set of features


It offers a premium plan for iOS devices, and you can buy its plan for $16.99/ month & for $49/ 3 months.

How to Install the Mobistealth Cellphone Tracking App?

  • Sign up for Mobistealth by choosing a price plan
  • Get physical access to the target device to start the installation
  • Use an online portal and start tracking android & iOS device

6) iKeyMonitor

It is known as an ultimate monitoring app for parental control. It is user –friendly and powerful mobile spy app for android and iPhone devices. Parents can use it to track messages, calls, browser activity, and GPS location of kids.

Parents can use it to monitor teens online to protect them from online predators, like stalkers, cyberbullies, and sexual predators. The application has multiple features both for android and iOS devices. Let’s take a look at the following.

ikeymonitor phone spy

Ikeymonitor Features for Android

The phone spy app has plenty of features for cellphones and tablets running with Android OS. Following are the tools that enable you to monitor rooted and non-rooted android devices.

  • SMS messages
  • Call history
  • Call recording
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Websites visited
  • Photos screenshots
  • Keystrokes
  • Websites visited

IKeymonitor Features for IPhone

It is pack with the features to spy on the iPhone using its jailbreak and non-jailbreak solution features.

  • Chat app keystrokes
  • Facebook messenger Voice
  • Screen-time limit
  • Calendars
  • Notes
  • Reminders
  • Installed apps monitoring
  • GPS locations


Users can buy its basic Addon plan for $9.99 for 3 days and $29.16/month.

7) Hoverwatch

It is one of the best free mobile apps that remain invisible on the target device. The application has both free and paid services for android devices. The application only supports android phones, and you can install Hoverwatch android spy app on any device running with the Android operating system. It is capable of tracking every activity on the phone without the target person knowing. It features a rich application to spy on android phones to the fullest.

hoverwatch spy app

Hoverwatch – Android Spy App Features

To spy on someone’s android is not a piece of cake, but Hoverwatch has made it easy for you. You can use its advanced and robust tools given below.

  • Record calls
  • Phone internet History
  • Track Facebook messages
  • Track SMS
  • WhatsApp spy
  • Snapchat spy app
  • Track phone location
  • Android screenshots
  • Track camera


Users can buy Hoverwatch personal plan for $24.95/m, $59.95/ 3months and $99.95/12 months.

8) Highster Mobile’s Spy App

It is one of the best phone spy apps for android and iPhone. It claims to provide the ultimate way to keep your kids safe and allow you to keep an eye on your employee’s productivity. It has the potential to spy on any device secretly. Users can monitor and listen to cellphones, read messages, and spy on social messaging apps running on the target device. It is suitable for parenting and employee monitoring activities. It is a 100% safe and secure application that you can use without any doubt.

android phone spy apps

Hightser Mobile Spy App Feature for Android

Take a look at the following features of mobile spy app for android that you need to know being parents and employers.

  • Monitor calls
  • Text messages
  • Social media networks
  • View browsing history
  • GPS location
  • Live control panel
  • Photos & videos logs
  • Stealth camera

Highster Mobile IPhone Spy App Features

Suppose you want to spy on iOS devices that you need to use the highster Mobile features for iPhone given below.

  • Monitor iphone calls
  • View GPS location
  • Spy on emails
  • Monitor social media
  • device camera via stealth command
  • Monitor browsing history


Mobile phone spy software is offering basic and pro plans. You just need to do onetime payment and put your worries to rest. You can buy basic plan for $29.99 and pro plan for $69.99.


It is one of the best mobile spy apps among the top 10 spy brats for android and iPhone devices. The application claims to be a feature-rich application, and you can use it for kids’ digital safety. Moreover, employee monitoring is also possible with the XNSPY. It is also known as the leading smartphone tracking software of android and iOS OS. The application offers affordable packages for parents and business owners.

phone spy software

XNSPY Phone Spy App Features for Android

Its Android application provides more than 30 states of the art features to its users, but we will mention the great ones below.

  • Monitor call logs
  • Read text messages
  • Access IM chat
  • Track GPS location
  • Monitor Web browsing
  • Inspect Multimedia
  • Monitor Instant Messenger chat

Exclusive features

  • Top 5 callers
  • Top 5 call durations
  • Frequently visited websites
  • Call time activity

XNSPY IPhone Spying App Features (for Jailbreak & Non-Jailbreak IPhones)

It is the most advanced iPhone monitoring app and tracking app that enables parents and employers to spy on kids and employees through mobile devices. Users can use the following tools to get the job done.

  • IM chats
  • Logs spy
  • iOS GPS tracker
  • iCloud Backup Alert
  • Monitor Web Browsing & Multimedia
  • Call analysis


XNSPY has two plans; one is basic edition and premium edition. You can buy subscription plans for both android and iOS device for 29.99/m and premium $35.99/m.

10) Minspy

It is top of the line phone spy software and enables parents to see what kids are watching and doing on cellphone devices.  It remains hidden on the target device running with the Android and iOS devices. It has the power to get the critical data from the target device secretly. You can use Minspy on any device and get the logs it’s a powerful and secure web control panel. The application has two products that are pack with robust and advanced features.

cell phone monitoring

MinSpy Mobile Spy App Features for Android

Spy app has an advanced set of features for android that you can use for legitimate reasons, like parental control and protect business safety.

  • Contacts
  • Messages reader
  • Call logs
  • Geo –Fence
  • Browser history
  • Stealth Mod
  • Track location
  • Geo –Fence Alert
  • Spy on Social media

MinSpy IPhone Tracking Software (without Jailbreak)

The spy software for iPhone works without jailbreak and allow you to track any iPhone device from remote web browser. You can use following tools to monitor any iPhone device to the fullest.

  • Track location
  • SMS spy
  • Track calls
  • View applications
  • Monitor photo & video logs
  • Browser history
  • WhatsApp spy


For Android: Users can buy 1 month Basic license for $39.99, 1 premium month license for $49.99 and 1 month Family $69.99/Month.

For iPhone: Users can buy family license for $99.99/m, Premium for $ 10.83/m and business for $ 399.99/ month.

11) Spyier

Spyier is among the top 20 phone spy apps of the modern century. The application is compatible with android and iOS devices. You can track any data on the target device without the target knowing. The application claims to be the most trustworthy spy solution. The application remains undetectable on the target device, and it is easy to use a spy app. Do you want to know about its magnificent features? Take a look at the following for android and iOS features.

spyier spy software

Spyier Cellphone Spy App Features for Android

Spyier mobile spy is the best application because it provides no-rooted features to the users and let them track any phone remotely via secure web control panel.

  • Call logs
  • Text messages
  • Contacts
  • Browsing history
  • Bookmarks
  • Photos
  • Videos preview
  • Real –time location
  • Keylogger
  • Social networks spy

Spyier IPhone Spying Software Features (Jailbreak & Non-Jailbreak Devices)

The application has come up with both jailbreak and non-jailbreak solutions. You can use the following tools to spy on any iPhone device to the fullest.

  • Contacts
  • Photos
  • Call logs
  • WhatsApp
  • iMessages
  • Installed applications
  • Browser history
  • Location tracking


You can buy spyier basic plan for 39.99/m for android devices and for iPhone $99.99 family plan.

12) TheTruthspy

It is known as the top-rated free phone spy apps of all times. It provides more than 15 free spying features. You can get your hands on the free mobile spy app to catch rogue employees and set parental control on kids android and iOS devices. Do you want to track any device secretly? Get your hands on the phone tracking app features for both Android and iOS devices.

mobile spy app

TheTruthspy Android Spy App Features

Spy app offers multiple tools to track any android device secretly and it is the best high –tech application for parents and employers.

  • Monitor text messages
  • Spy on their call history
  • Track the location
  • Spy call recorder
  • Listen to voice surround
  • Photos & video logs
  • Social media spying

TheTruthSpy IPhone Monitoring App Features

You can spy on iPhone for free by using phone spy app free features for iOS devices. However, it has advanced features that you need to know in the following.

  • SMS & iMessages
  • Call History
  • keylogger
  • screenshots
  • Websites visited
  • IPhone GPS location
  • IPhone surroundings


TheTruthspy is one of the most affordable spy applications for android and iOs devices. Users can buy standard plans for $ 12.99/m, premium 25.99/m, and gold for $ 30.99/m.


13) SpyBubble

The phone spy app over the years was criticized because of its complex and non-trustworthy features. Currently, it is providing best possible services for android and iOS devices. You can access the websites by using any browser and guide the user how to install the application on the target device. It has features that empower you to monitor android phones and tablet devices. It also provides ultimate monitoring solutions for iOS devices.

spybubble monitoring app

SpyBubble Android Spying App Features

It is an android spy app that is offering perfect solution to monitor any mobile device.  It has potential to monitor and track cell phone device and you can unveil anything on the target device. It is compatible with 4.0 up to 7.0 rooted OS devices.

  • Track popular messengers
  • GPS location
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Spy on calls
  • Track text messages

SpyBubble Iphone Monitoring Solutions (No –Jailbreak)

Following are the features of iPhone tracking app non –jailbreak solution that enable users to spy any iOS device to the fullest.

  • Calls
  • SMS
  • Contacts
  • Events
  • WhatsApp
  • Web activity
  • Photos
  • Messenger


For Android and iphones: Users can buy spyBubble basic plan for 25.49/month and Premium for $59.99.

14) Spyera

When it comes to spying on Android and iOS devices, it is one of the best mobile spying software to date. You can use it to monitor cellphones, tablets, iPods, and many more. You can remotely spy on android tablets and mobile devices.  It is powerful monitoring software that can dig out all the rabbit holes on thes devices.

spyera mobile monitoring software

Spyera Phone Spy App Features for Android

Spy software for cellphones running with Android OS is undetectable and remains hidden on the target device. You can use the following features to aim your target.

  • Live call listening
  • Record surrounds
  • Spy on chat apps
  • Spy on text messages
  • Open camera remotely
  • Monitor photos
  • Android keylogger
  • GPS location

Spyera IPhone Spy App Features for IOS

You can use the iPhone monitoring software on your target iOS device and a complete insight into the iOS devices by using the following features.

  • Listen to the calls in real –time
  • Listen to the surroundings
  • IM tracker
  • Spy on text messages
  • Spy on VoIP calls
  • Spy on emails
  • Spy camera
  • Keylogger


Users can buy its smartphone plans for Android and iOS devices for $89, and it offers unlimited device change. Moreover, users can use the keylogger tool for free.

15) UMobix

It is the best parental control app for digital devices running with the Android and iOS operating systems. None of the phone spy apps has come up with more than 30 features to spy on instant messaging apps. You can use the popular spy app for cellphones to safeguard your kids from digital threats. It provides you an easy way to stay calm and relax by using its powerful and advanced features for cellphones given below.

umobix phone monitoring app

UMobix Cell Phone Monitoring App Features (Android OS)

Parents can stay updated all day long about kids’ online activities on phones of Android using the features given below.

  • Monitor social media
  • Access messaging apps
  • Track live calls
  • Text messages reader
  • Snoop browser history
  • Keylogger
  • Monitor contact list

UMobix IPhone Tracking App Features (IOS)

Don’t let go of any information unattended on iOS devices using the features mentioned below. Use the iPhone spy app to get the job done.

  • Access to social Apps
  • Track call logs
  • View contact list
  • Read iMessages
  • Monitor Browser


Users can buyy its basic plans for $ 29.99 and you can buy a premium plan for 59.99.

16) Aapmia

It is the dynamic and powerful mobile spying app that empowers you to track activities of any android and iPhone devices. You can easily install it on the target device and get access to its secure web control panel. It enables users to monitor and track information without the target device users knowing. You can use the web portal to watch every activity of the target device user. You can use the following features for android and iOs devices to the fullest.

phone tracking app

Aapmia The Advanced & Powerful Features for Android and IPhones

The application has got similar features for android and iPhone devices. You can use features on any device given below.

  • Calls & surround recording
  • IM’s chat spy
  • GPS tracking
  • Email and web tracking
  • Extra Features
  • Calls and contacts tracking


Users can get basic plan for free for 1 month and buy premium plans for $16/ month.

17) Cocospy

It is one of the most trustworthy phone spy solutions. Users can spy on any type of data stored on mobile devices running with Android and iOS devices. The application supports all the latest OS versions of phones. You can use it to track SMS, calls, and social media apps running on the target device connected to the internet. Before you use it on any handset you need to know about its following features.

cocospy spy app

Cocospy Best Features for Android & IPhone Devices

Phone spy app for android and iPhone offers the following robust tools to monitor and track digital devices without facing hazels. Parents can prevent potential risks to kids, and employers can catch rogue employees and data theft.

  • Track messages
  • Record calls & logs
  • Spy on social media apps
  • Track GPS locations
  • Photos and videos
  • Keylogger
  • Contacts
  • App list
  • Browser history

Note: Users have to jailbreak IOS devices before spying on any iPhone device.


Users can buy basic plan for $ 39.99/m, Premium for 9.99/m and Family plans for $69.99.

18) Spyic

Young kids are precious, and if you are unable to take care of them online. You need to use the Spyic mobile spy app for sure. It empowers you to access any android and iOS device secretly. The application has got extensive compatibility and powerful tools that you might not have seen before. Let’s describe all the tools of the application in the following.

spy on phone

Spyic Best Features for Android & IPhones

Digital parenting would be at your fingertips and equally affective for tracking employee’s android and iPhone devices with powerful and dynamic tools that are as follows.

  • GPS location
  • SMS spy
  • Track calls
  • Geo –Fencing
  • Keylogger
  • Photos/videos
  • Browser history
  • IM’s spy


For Android: Users can buy basic plan for $ 39.99 and Family plan for $69.90.

For iPhone: Users can can buy Family plan for $99.99 and business plan for $399.99.

19) Spyhuman

It is known as one android monitoring solution these days. The application has got the best features to spy on android devices. It is one of the best Phone spy apps to monitor the online activities of your underage children. It is the leading mobile tracking solution for devices. You can easily install it on the target device and activate its secure web portal. You can monitor any target device secretly and to the fullest. The application has dozens of features to safeguard the kids on the web.

spyhuman monitoring app

Spyhuman Powerful and Advanced Features for Android

Spyhuman is a kind of mobile spy app that is reliable and powerful monitoring solution. It consists of following features that you can use on any android device to spy on your kids.

  • Call recorder
  • Call logs
  • SMS tracker
  • GPS location
  • Social media spy
  • Browsing details
  • Live android monitoring
  • App blocker


Users can buy its Premium plans for $ 9.99/m and it also provide 7 days free trial.

20) Ispyoo

It is consists of a whole arsenal of powerful monitoring features. You can spy on any handset with mobile spy running with the Android operating systems. You can use it to monitor your digital devices of your wards. You can maintain your kid’s digital wellbeing, and business professionals can keep an eye on business provided android devices. Users can create data back of the device to prevent data theft and many more.

phone tracking apps

ISpyoo Most Powerful & Advanced Features

Android spy app has a list of innovative features that are best in the business these days and protect your business and make your kid’s digital wellbeing.

  • Current GPS location
  • Spy SMS
  • Spy call
  • Contacts
  • Social media
  • Monitor emails
  • View visited websites
  • Record phone surroundings
  • Listen voice recordings


Users can buy standard pack for $16.99/m, Premium pack for 19.99/m and Gold pack for $22.99.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Cell Phone Spy Apps work?

The technology has become advanced, and spying apps are no exception at all. Spy software technology can monitor and track any device until you install it on someone’s device. It will remotely do surveillance on the device and empowers you to track your device to the fullest. Spy apps like OgyMogy can record calls, read messages, and GPS location. Users can also view installed apps, capture keystrokes from the target device, and save the data in a secure web control panel.

Which App is Best for Spying on Another Phone?

We have discussed the 20 affordable best Phone Spy Apps that can spy on another device running with Android and iOS devices. If you have to choose, best of the best, you can get your hands on the OgyMogy mobile spying app. It is affordable, effective, and has dozens of features to track any mobile device to the fullest. Users can operate the application through its online dashboard.

Is There a Free App to Spy on Someone’s Phone?

Freephone spy apps are not reliable because they may offer features that cannot fulfill your monitoring needs. Therefore, always go far to the affordable and effective mobile spy solution that empowers you to monitor your target device to the fullest, like OgyMogy and many others.

Can You Spy on Someone’s Phone without them Knowing?

Yes, you can spy on someone’s mobile without them knowing, but you have to use hidden monitoring app on your target device. OgyMogy is one of the best mobile tracking apps that allow users to sneak into any android device without them knowing and discover anything you need.

What is the Best Mobile Spy to Monitor any Android Phone Remotely?

OgyMogy phone spying software can access any android device remotely. You need to install it first on your target device, and then you can remotely operate it on the target device to get a complete insight into the activities of your kids and employees to the fullest.

What Spy Apps Can be Installed Remotely?

None of the spy applications can install on any device because remote installation of a spy app is not possible. You need to get physical access to the target phone, and then you can install it to do surveillance on it. So, remote installation is a bluff, and make sure you are not employing any mobile spy that offers remote installation.

What is the Best Undetectable Spy App?

Do you want to spy on any android and iOS device secretly? Now you can do that with OgyMOgy spy software. It remains hidden on the target device after installation, and you can get access to any phone sneakily. It is undetectable on android phones starting from 5.0 up to OS version 11 and above.

Is It Necessary to Root or Jailbreak the Target Device to Spy on It?

Most of the spy application requires rooting to use features on the target mobile device. However, OgyMogy needs to root the target device on few occasions. It has few features that work on rooted android devices. Other than a few, cell phone monitoring software has dozens of features that work without root.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Phone's Data Through a Phone Spy App?

Phone spying app can sync data of the target device into the secure web control panel. Most of the spy applications take a long time to get a phone’s data, but OgyMogy is one of the few top spy brats that sync all the data instantly after you install it on your target device. Users can examine the data for digital parenting and employee monitoring, and you can use it for data backup facility.

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